Poetry Pressure

March 29, 2018
By E---W---- BRONZE, Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania
E---W---- BRONZE, Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania
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People write poems, poet people.
But I am not a poem person.
Poem people produce
perfectly popping poems.
Pleasant placating poems,
poems pounded together part by part
until put together with a peculiar pizazz.

Non poem people pick and plug
phrases into non poetic pieces.
Poetry pressure pushes people,
non poem people, to be poem people,

Prying at and peering into
our private thoughts,
hoping to pull a poem from
a non poetry producing person.
Poetry pressure

Poem people are poetry passionate
Their poems are poignant, pure and precious.
Poem people become prominent,
their poems placing in popularity,
their placid, playful, pleasant poems.

Non poem people write non poem pieces.
Poetry is just perpendicular to them,
it just comes off as palish. You can’t propel
non poem people to be poem people.

Poetry pressure pushes
non poem people to particularize
their phrases into poetry.
Pressure to be pawky and peppy.
Non poem people feel it,
poem people don’t perceive it.
Poetry pressure.

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