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Last Minute Goal

March 29, 2018
By DanielK SILVER, Tirana, Other
DanielK SILVER, Tirana, Other
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Running through the pitch
With the sun shining on my back
Receiving the ball from the right
And sprinting down the flank

Face to face with the defenders
But getting the ball between the three
They go crashing into each other
While I continue running free

I see a teammate through on goal
And don’t hesitate to pass
But he gets tackled as he is about to shoot
And falls head-first onto the grass

It is a clear foul in the box
However, the ref is way too far
But when our whole team begins to protest
He decides to have a look at VAR (Video Assistant Referee)

For three minutes he is gone
As we all nervously wait
Would he call the penalty
Or was defeat our fate?

Finally the ref is back
And starts moving his hands like a clown
We celebrate like crazy
The other team begins to frown

We have been awarded a penalty
And our fans’ cheers have massively grown
I step up to shoot it
Taking responsibility on my own

It is the final minute and my feet are tired
My whole face is drenched in sweat
The goalkeeper is trying to intimidate me
But I can only look between the holes of the net

The ref blows his whistle
As I decide where I’m going to aim
The ball whistles into the top-left corner
And we have won the game

The author's comments:

VAR, or Video Assistant Referee, is a newly developed technology in soccer which allows the referee to watch replays of critical situations in the game which his eye might have missed at first glance. After having a look at the TV monitor at the edge of the stadium, he comes back and with hand gestures  either calls the foul or rejects penalty claims and orders play to restart.

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