Who is Alicia?

March 28, 2018
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Alicia is strong,
Alicia is Tough,
Alicia is smart,
Alicia is funny,
Alicia is helpful,
Alicia is great,
Alicia is fun,
Alicia is cool,
Alicia is the best person I have ever met,
Alicia is amazing,
But what do we do to help Alicia?
I can’t say much myself for now but mere words but in the end as many people say sticks and stones will break my bones but words will never hurt me, this means words can’t touch you but in reality words are the true killers of Earth. Words have power and this is what the power of words can do to someone as amazing as you.
Because see Alicia,
We will lie for you,
We will fall with and for you,
We will rise with you,
We will take the pain with you,
We will die for you… we will lay down our lives for you, because in truth maybe that’s what we want for you. Friends that will have your back at all times, so I will ask once more.
Who is Alicia?
My answer is simple… Alicia is… The Greatest person you will ever meet,

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