Throughout the ages

March 28, 2018
By __N.B__ BRONZE, Hartland, Wisconsin
__N.B__ BRONZE, Hartland, Wisconsin
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Long ago in the Jurassic Era;
A carnivore munches on a herbivore,
not aware of the deathly meteor impact.


Mammoth Hunt


Long ago in the Holocene Era;
A wooly mammoth runs from and fights Indians,
not aware that the Indians were cornering her.




Long ago in the Archaic Era;
An Egyptian priest wraps a deceased queen in linen,
not aware that she would be the final queen to Egypt.


Lion Hunt


Long ago in the Classical Era;
A lion is hunted by Maasai with spears, a bloody scene,
not aware that soon his vast pride numbers will quickly dwindle.




Long ago in the Machine Age Era;
A tribe of Native Americans dance together, singing and playing instruments,
not aware that soon the government would take their land to build homes.




Long ago in the Late Modern Era;
A man drives his horse drawn carriage to work, providing for himself,
not aware that soon he will be kicked from his home due to back taxes.



Currently in the twenty first century;
A butterfly flies around a large room, landing on the small humans,
hoping to one day to make it’s grand escape, and explore the amazing…


Milwaukee Public Museum

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