The Worst of Them All

March 28, 2018
By Anonymous

You would stumble three times before you would fall
Yet none of this would you recall
Because though you were there, acting mighty and tall,
You had fallen in love with the worst drug of them all.
You’d stumble your way up the steps, letting out a call
For help because your vision was blurred, your brain in a lull
Helpless and alone, up the steps you began to crawl,
All because you, had fallen in love with the worst drug of all.
When you were sober your wife was a doll,
Yet now, you wanted nothing more than to throw her through a wall.
Why? Good question. Because, you had fallen in love, with the worst drug of them all.
Staring at the ceiling, it closing upon you like a low hanging cell wall,
You ruined all the fun, got kicked out of the ball,
Yet you somehow don’t realize, you’re in for the long haul.
You say you never had a problem, with any drugs at all,
Now here you looking down, slipping about to fall.
But will anyone be there to catch you? Anyone at all?
Yes in fact just one, you’re good buddy alcohol.

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