Death Devours Us All

March 28, 2018
By thattacoguy SILVER, Hartland, Wisconsin
thattacoguy SILVER, Hartland, Wisconsin
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The beast of the jungle awakens,
not threatened on this planet.
A need for meat courses through his veins,
mouth salivating, stomach rumbling like a rainstorm.
No fear for the beast.

The herbivore peacefully eats perfect plants, but
senses danger from beyond the treeline.
A roar wakens the world,
as the beast bites the back of the herbivore.
The first death is among us.

A sonic boom echoes through the Earth,
a ball of rock and flames screaming toward the ground.
Panic arises in the dinosaurs.
Chaos spreads like a wildfire throughout Pangea.
A hole in the ground covers a country.

A toxic black smoke fills the air,
as the pattern of day to night falls into strictly night.
Bodies like buildings collapse,
as the silence of death takes over the Earth.
Death captured all living things.

The beast looks around at his home,
his kill a mere fraction of the tragedy.
The beast falls with a final groan,
forfeiting his power, strength, and dignity.
There is a new beast among us.

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