Calmness Of The Night

March 28, 2018

Lavender radiates from the room.
With the soft sounds of chewing in their ears,
the japanese family eats their dinner slowly.
The calm air kisses each person.
One blip of yellow light.

Illuminating the garden,
the lights, like stars, fall.
“Mommy, can I go outside?”
She receives a net.
Two blips of yellow light.

Grinning and laughing,
Kotori runs with a net,
trying to capture the light.
The light laughs and plays chase.
Three blips of yellow light.

As the darkness hugs her,
she spies the fluorescent yellow on a flower in the garden.
She creeps and snatches the bug.
Opening her hands, the light escapes.
Four blips of light.

Time smiles slowly as she gazes.
Light surrounds her like snow.
“Kotori, time for bed.”
She is tucked in, but not before the lights say goodnight.
Five blips of light.

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