I Fight, But I Fall, Defeated

March 28, 2018
By IzzyKorpela SILVER, West Allis, Wisconsin
IzzyKorpela SILVER, West Allis, Wisconsin
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Mosquitos crowd us
as we creep among the grass.
A lion lunges forward–
spine-chilling even under the sun.
A hunter stands his ground.
I watch his spear fly from his hand.

My body soars through the sky
as I search for my destination.
A lion appears into vision,
speeding closer and closer,
and I anticipate the impact before
I hit its body.

Men erupt–
a chaos of limbs and weapons.
A spear hits my flesh, and then a
second and third.
Above me, the sun beats down.
I fight, but I fall, defeated.

The author's comments:

The full title is "I Fight, But I Fall, Defeated" and a subtitle titled "A Maasai Lion Hunt". This was written for the Milwaukee Public Museum's Poetry Contest with the theme "10@MPM".

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