I see Milwaukee.

March 28, 2018
By Anonymous

I saw parents with their children on our Milwaukee streets,
cycling, pedalling in attempt to win the Riverwest 24.
Milwaukee’s Summer Bike Race.

I see the Urban Garage Sale,
a gathering held in one of the Domes.
Here, the creator offers their work to the city’s people.

I saw The Black Cat Alley,
and witnessed the art,
MTO painting his popular “Glitch Frog” on the East Side.

I see my community continuing to grow.
I see roads being constructed, former warehouses being turned into markets,
homes being built, and restaurant opening for the first time.

I saw the Third Ward,
one of Milwaukee’s popular creative hubs.
Built in 1875, I have seen the “old” become the “new” once again.

I walk through the exhibit, The Streets of Old Milwaukee,
I feel the city’s sense of community and creativity here too,
  as creativity and community have flown since our “old” was their “new.”

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