A Forsaken Forest: The Native American Pow Wow

March 28, 2018

A frigid and forsaken
field fancies friends to frolic.
The lonesome forest remains.




Dakota Sioux
Stalking squirrels and steadying
shotguns for their survival.
A solitary nation.


Their ceremonial clothes
created and constructed.
A solitary nation.


Their months of memorizing
to master the Morning Star.
A solitary nation.


Overcoming obstacles,
they obtain new resources.
A solitary nation.


They proceed to new places,
positions never persist.
A solitary nation.


Feared for their forcefulness and
fertility by their foes.
A solitary nation.


They seek soil sufficient
enough to sow the sweet squash.
A solitary nation.




Seven tribes congregate and
play in fervent song and dance.
The fulfilled forest remains.

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