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March 28, 2018
By Anonymous

I’ve always been fascinated with death

The idea of my body becoming cold and pale

The warm blood being sucked out of my body

Gasping for air

My soul lingering on

Leaving no trace of my existence

I’m twirling



Suddenly I’m spinning

And I can’t stop

I see my beautiful life flash before my eyes

I hear my laughter

I see my smiles

I feel the touch of love

Those Memories sneak out of my tear

ducts and roll down my cheek

Have you ever felt so lifeless that your whole body feels paralyzed

I can’t move

I can’t feel

You’re so broken that you can’t pick up the pieces

All those prices are missing and suddenly you feel lost

But you don’t know why

And suddenly you realize you’re so unbelievably hallow inside

Everything that was once pure and innocent that was within you is gone

And so are you

I’m falling in love with the idea of death

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