The Maasai Hunt

March 28, 2018
By ALooseThai SILVER, Hartland, Wisconsin
ALooseThai SILVER, Hartland, Wisconsin
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Scattered, the herd: scared.
Spears ready, they yearn for flight.
With pride, the beast draws near.
A stare, so fierce it summons sweat.
The puppeteer of fear provokes.
Speared, the brute bellows.

Scattered, their brains: excited.
Shields lowered, they bow before the offensive.
With poise, the beasts creep inward.
Confidence propels their intent.
Speared, the animal thrashes.

Scattered, its steps: staggered.
Fangs flash, forgetting the herd;
To flee, it seeks survival.
Speared, the creature falls.

Scattered, blood: spattering.
Too tired to persist, sleep approaches.
Speared, the feline finds slumber.

Scattered, its mane: still.
Speared, the king perished.

Speared, the scatter: ended.

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