Machk's Bison Hunt

March 28, 2018
By Anonymous

Rising before the sun, the Crow
prepare for their hunt.
But not all seem ready…
Machk prepares for his first hunt,
his right of passage into manhood.

He mounts his horse, Kamanchee, and prepares
to embark on his journey.
As he reaches the top of the bluff, the earth trembles.
But the thunderous sound was no earthquake—it was the thousands of bison below.

Without hesitation, the hunters begin their ambush.
War cries match the sound of the thunderous stampede.
Machk tries to keep up with the tribe,
but is swallowed by the herd.
He uses his spear as an extension of his body.
Bison ram into Kamanchee, but he stays in the middle of the chaos.

Bison by bison, Machk fights his way out of the herd.
Other hunters watch and Machk hears their war cries.
Machk and Kamanshee break out of the chaos,
leaving behind a trail of dead bison.
He was able to unlock the warrior spirit,
which guided him to safety.

His journey to manhood has been completed.
The other hunters tell tales of his bravery and skill.
Machk will become a legend in the Crow tribe.
Tales have written that Machk was the greatest hunter of the Crow.

Rising before the sun, the Crow
prepare for their hunt.
All are ready.
This time, Machk and Kamanshee lead the hunt.
The Crow will live on, the Crow will thrive.

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