A Game of Hide and Seek

March 28, 2018
By 8calahs SILVER, Pewaukee, Wisconsin
8calahs SILVER, Pewaukee, Wisconsin
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A little girl and her mom stand at the edge of the cobblestone path.
Bouncing up and down with excitement,
the little girl dashes down
the Old Streets of Milwaukee.

The winding path twists and turns, overhead lights dim and the music quiets.
The little girl’s laugh rings through the room,
fingers brushing each building as if they were real.
Time passes before realizing, she’s running alone through
the Old Streets of Milwaukee.

The little girl spins, looking for a familiar face.
She recognizes content women and men
buying food in the market, pushing clamorous carts in the street, rocking on the porch.
Distracted, she peeks in their windows,
curious if they’ll open the door for her.
Suddenly, her mother appears—short of breath—from catching up in
the Old Streets of Milwaukee.

The pair continue through the exhibit,
watching a short movie in the Nickelodeon theater.
Snippets crackle in black and white.
They lick colorful lollipops and crunch on rock candy while strolling through
the Old Streets of Milwaukee.

With rainbow lips and tired feet,
the mother and daughter reach the best part—the old fashioned ice cream parlour.
What a day of hide and seek, adventures and sweets at
the Old Streets of Milwaukee.

The author's comments:

written for 10@MPM poetry contest

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