The Mystical Shadow

March 28, 2018

Standing under the whale,
    holding his eyes shut
        hoping for it to come alive;
            the little boy slowly opens his eyes,
                for the whale is loose.

        Searching for the whale,
                        seeing it swim in circles,
                             hearing it sing with soul;
                                the fish gather under the mystical shadow,
                                     for the whale is loose.
                                          Singing as if it were putting on a show,
                                             dancing through the sea,
                                                 daring to dive down;
                                                     the adventure of a lifetime,
                                                        for the whale is loose.

                                                            Sitting for a moment,
                                                               slowing his pace,
                                                                  moving toward the strings;
                                                                     the fish swim up to the ceiling,
                                                                         for the whale is loose.

                                                                     Settling in for the night,
                                                                   standing under the whale,
                                                               wondering if others saw what he saw;
                                                            he looks at the whale on the strings,
                                                       for the whale was loose.

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