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Quiet Eyes, Sealed Mouth, Open Mind

March 28, 2018
By cnelson GOLD, Hartland, Wisconsin
cnelson GOLD, Hartland, Wisconsin
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The trees settle in Akhmim Egypt,
                                        I am Padi-Heru a priest in the Min Temple.
                                        The sun shines in a time close to 250 BCE.
         Yet the world turns into an eternal night,                                 
                                  no longer can the sky grow vast, or the grass fresh.
     The time reaches 1887 now and the world grew color again.
              I can’t open my eyes, yet I can see, though what I see is unfamiliar to me.
            My temple vanishes along with the time known, I feel cloth and I see glass.
          My mind runs but I cannot express it, my senses activate but I
        cannot explain them, my mouth is eager but I cannot find power.
              Where is my temple? Who are you? What happened to me?
   As time goes on, I hear people talk, and they talk about me,
               “It’s crazy that he’s here, that he walked the earth one day.”
                  I see their eyes widen and their jaws drop, a slight gasp
                     when they look at the paintings on my sarcophagus
                        and the features of my faded face. It’s 2018 now,
                I’ve grown to enjoy my new home, the happy
                              people that come to see me, to learn about
                      what it means to live a different life. The
colors of new life dance around me
        now, I enjoy being able to teach
         and bring smiles to faces, and 
                                           the feeling of not being able
                to understand what is
       truly in front of one.
              I am Padi-Heru, an exhibit in the Milwaukee Public Museum.

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