Mean Girls

March 27, 2018
By KMEF2020 BRONZE, Dawson, Nebraska
KMEF2020 BRONZE, Dawson, Nebraska
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They cast a spell,
and we all fell.
Not one of us can say
we knew the difference between truth and their way.

These monsters are hiding
and we think we’re fighting,
but we’ve got our guns pointed at the wring enemy.
It’s us against we.

Our foolishness can’t be denied.
We let these monsters get inside.
They’ve taken control of our lives.
We let them be the one who drives.

They’ve made every decision,
and it’s their mission
to ruin you
split us in two.

But now we know,
they aren’t our bros.
It ours against theirs
so be aware.

The author's comments:

Girls are mean. Know your enemy.

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