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That One Time I

March 27, 2018
By Aerospace4 BRONZE, Fort Collins, Colorado
Aerospace4 BRONZE, Fort Collins, Colorado
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Why? Why not?

That one time I hoped I could freeze time,
Stay the same forever under the darkening sky,
Black ink spilling and painting out stars,
Oblivious to the cold, pointing out shapes,

That one time I watched sunset glow so bright,
The present and  future all forgotten,
As we stared entranced to the west,
The orange glow highlighting our faces,

That one time I ran carefree through the field,
The scent of flowers tickled my nose and,
I would be leaving such freedom-filled times,
I knew that I wouldn’t do this again,

That one time I walked silently through the forest,
Jumping over logs, shrubs and undergrowth,
Heard the trees talk and the wind whisper,
The advice that they gave me I have not forgotten,

The author's comments:

All five stanzas are based on what I feel are once in a lifetime experiences. The first one reflects my feelings when I was five years old and my dad was showing me constellations, while the second one was the brilliant orange sunset during the Colorado High Park fire. The third one was a picnic, when we spent the entire day picking flowers. Finally, the fourth one was an entire day spent in the forest connecting with nature. 

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