March 27, 2018
By randomgirl20 BRONZE, New York, New York
randomgirl20 BRONZE, New York, New York
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Take a shower, you don’t wanna smell

Pick out a outfit that will fit in with the latest trends and won’t make you the laughing stock of the school.(more than you already are)

Put on your makeup so you can actually show your face in public and be a little pretty, you can’t ever recognize yourself,your face tingles it’s unbelievable you have to be satisfied otherwise you would ruin the hours of meticulous paint you applied to you onced beautiful face.

Style your hair in the elegant curls you can’t let everyone in public see how your hair frizzes up like an electrocuted monkey “naturally”

Shove your fat feet into those tow pinching blood blistering converse that everyone seems to be wearing now days           ( you would not want to be left out)   as you gaze into the bathroom mirror you see a stranger that somehow stole your reflection and replaced it with a completely different person. Every part of your outfit is uncomfortable but even though  you spend hours trying to look pretty you will never be as good those other people you are actually holding back a few tears but you feel like you are holding back a tsunami of emotion you can’t let anyone else know that’s the way you feel otherwise they will never respect you the same, the way they used to, or did they ever?  - why os being natural not good enough beauty is pain-

Find a group of people to walk to class with because you can’t walk to class alone, but you don’t even like these people they cuss and make dirty jokes and make fun of you. You know you should not hang out with them! But hey they are the popular you just want people to like you!         

  You are in the stocks as people throw judgy tomatoes and hating heads of lettuce at your insecure little head            

you can’t stand up for yourself because you feel trapped and defenseless and you can not do that to yourself because these popular kids are the royolity of the school, and what they want and what they say goes. You take each command each opinion each strange look each remark each criticism each  report of assessment with it your self esteem  plinth like a sinking ship down down down into the dark and dreary depths below you look at the other people your mind is racing a mile a minute “ i wish i had her eyes i wish i am as skinny as her i wish i had her perfectly straight white teeth i wish i had her social confidence         

                  why can't we be ourselves     - life's not fair         

   you look at the other person wishing you were them but in all reality they are looking at you wishing they were you. Society infers girls have to have skinny waist tan skin long silky hair perfectly straight teeth big butts ect.

  Society infers girls to have to wear tons of makeup and guys a pound of hairspray or hair gel to “look good”
Society infers girls to wear skanky clothes and do inappropriate things with boys to be considered cool but

                                            Society is wrong 

“ you are loved you are precious you are beautiful you are talented you are capable you are deserving of respect you can eat that meal, you are 1 in 7 billion and most of all you are good enough.

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