I lie

March 27, 2018
By Lexi.s BRONZE, Fort Collins , Colorado
Lexi.s BRONZE, Fort Collins , Colorado
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I live in New York
Inside a huge mansion
With four sisters
And seven brothers
But i'm a liar

My oldest sister is selena gomez
She does my makeup
For school every day
Sometimes I help her write her songs
But remember i'm a liar

My dad gives me two thousand dollars,
Anytime I want to go shopping
My college was paid for by the time I was 3
I always lie

I have makeup worth thousands of dollars
Everywhere I go my nails are done
I get my room cleaned for me,
I've never doneĀ  chore
But i lie to others all the time

I have tons of friends
I am super popular
Everyday i get starbucks
And a new pair of shoes
But I lie a lot

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