Hell Creek, Depth to Hitstory, Source of Fear

March 27, 2018
By Cam79 GOLD, Hartland, Wisconsin
Cam79 GOLD, Hartland, Wisconsin
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In a time of chaos, the asteroid cleansed the Earth.

A curtain over the Earth, darkened to everlasting night.
Brightness faded into shadow.

Cinders dance in the air.
Devastated, destroyed, decimated, the forest burns.

Earthen creatures, dropped into chaos.
Farther, the smoke traveled into the sky.

In a room a dark room in Milwaukee.

Gnashing teeth rend flesh like butter.
Hercules strength jaws crush the bones of its foe.
In the distance, roaring hysteria as the flames travel.
Jeopardy grasps the triceratops.
Killer instincts of the Apex Predator overtake.

Languished animals suffocate as they flee.
Madness rises in the storm.
No thunder dominates the one cracking in this room.
Overturned corpses flayed open.
Predatory nature, it dominates thought and reason.

Questions arise.
Robert wonders.
So why does he eat the triceratops?

To act as evil as him?
Unheard of to this child.
Valiant attempts are made to leave the room, but his father holds him close.

Wicked screeches from a young boy, almost unheard over the speakers crackling thunder.
Xiphoid teeth of the plastic dino strike fear into the child.

Young children hate this place.
Zero tolerance for crying is needed here.

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