Growing as a Person

April 2, 2018
By emotional.idiot BRONZE, San Diego, California
emotional.idiot BRONZE, San Diego, California
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Trust is mysterious yet simple like time
Occasionally it seems I have to wind myself up just to wake
Between misconnections and mistakes I don’t want to put my trust in anyone
But living life’s day to day taught me you can't fully control what happens

How you feel here is different from there and then
Growing up I was a typical child seeking attention talking to new people
I miss that innocence
If you would listen I could tell you a million things without a care in the world

But that side of me was set to blow there's things not to miss
Treating everyone like their a friend can be dangerous
I didn’t realize at first but those people indoctrinated me in the worse way
I was being used

The author's comments:

Innocence brings pain

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