April 2, 2018
By emotional.idiot BRONZE, San Diego, California
emotional.idiot BRONZE, San Diego, California
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You go through life clinging onto Teams, clubs, friends, feelings, and family
But as you grow you start to wonder At the end of a long day what… who's really around me
Sound of thoughts echo's endlessly and the questions are nothing but together they’re overwhelming
Is frank a friend is Alyssa really a h88 does it really matter tho what you hear from day to day
How often do you think back on the first time you met somone
what they do
what they say
Everyone talks about it but once life picks up day to day becomes routine
It seems as if taking time to appreciate the small moments in life becomes a disruption
If we don’t get buried in work its always something else
When will we stop using time’s passing as an excuse
It only moves faster as we keep going the magic remote in the great beyond doesn't exist
For all we know this is our one chance to truly enjoy life and it's pleasures
I'm not ashamed to say I will never be ready to die while joining my family in the sky seems like paradise
The gleaming light of my dreams is keeping me alive
What's important to you
What do you hold onto
Because I'm trying to answer my own questions

The author's comments:

Time is endless yet we aren't

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