Infected by society

April 2, 2018
By emotional.idiot BRONZE, San Diego, California
emotional.idiot BRONZE, San Diego, California
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Most guys are good
But they're forced by society to wear their disguise
For new generations everything's over played
People expect you to be new in everyway
Ignoring simple values

As a whole seems like the human race is regressing
If it's not depression killing teens
It's people ignoring pleas for help

People too arrogant not drink in drive
I don’t think you all realize a stupid decision can end someone thriving
Trying support themselves
or who knows your choice could affect a whole family
What do they call that a double whammy?

Crime, sex, drugs surrounding you
How's a guy supposed to love in this world
When every decision we make has its pros and cons
so what makes one right and the other wrong
Let's not forget those trying to reach the promised land up above

Around me seems like all I hear is people lying
And yes I see you staring me down in the back
And it makes me start to think
Is there a thin line between getting what you want Vs caring about the person next to you

Diving down is such an easy task when you have no one
But throwing punches at people before they can inflect pain

Only stains your character

Picking up the flask like its my last day everyday
Screw that I'm not tryna stay the same way
With that kid mentality…

No that be a flaw on me
Truly woke up when I was 16
Didn’t know if I would have somewhere to sleep the very next day
I thought for the first time in my life I would pray to a god I don’t believe in

But who do I pray to when I know everything I’ve done has been a sin
If I look back on the choices that made me
Will I start to regress as a person
Mabye that’s just the way we all are
Nah I can't accept it

The author's comments:

Honestly recent events just called for expression in anyways possible

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