April 1, 2018
By hazelbrown SILVER, Exeter, New Hampshire
hazelbrown SILVER, Exeter, New Hampshire
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I’m tired of being left on open and read
I’m tired of not being good enough
I’m tired of getting bad grades
And constantly being stressed all the time
I’m tired of talking about people behind their backs
And being a person I’m not
I’m tired of trying to ignore the annoying kid in my spanish class
And being teased for liking someone when I don’t
I’m tired of being self conscious
And worrying about if I’m skinny enough or if I’l have a bikini bod in time for summer
I’m tired of trying to be perfect
And being jealous of my friends
I’m tired of not being able to talk to my friends about what’s really going on in my life
And crying myself to sleep at night
I’m tired of my mom being sick
And missing my dog
I’m tired of my dad yelling at me
And of not getting along with my brother
I’m tired of fake friends
And my friends lying to me
I’m tired of acne
And of kids I use to be friends with doing drugs and alcohol  
I’m tired of missing summer
And lying to my parents
I’m tired of missing my real friends
And not being able to share my story
I’m tired of pretending to be happy all the time when really, I’m not.

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