April 1, 2018
By Anonymous

We have all been there before.
Procrastination kicking in,
Reluctance of work that appears useless.
One more night to get done what should have been already.
Now stress comes crashing like a wave.


Work that is a mountain seeming impossible,
Newton’s Laws,
Drifting minds wonder “How could prepositions ever be helpful to me?”


Still unenthusiastic about the idea,
But just a little compelled,
To do what has been assigned.
But just because it’s due the next day.


Positive thoughts attempt to pry through,
For motivation through the grueling responsibilities.
The mind considering temporarily “Maybe this could be useful?”
However, only for short term studying.


The next week rolls around,
The same cycle repeated again,
Even though you know better,
You can’t focus on what needs to be done.


“Just one more episode,”
“Only a couple more hours,”
But in the corner of your eye,
The work only grows larger.


The author's comments:

I hope that students and teens can relate to this poem because everyone has experienced homework, whether they procrastinate about it or not. 

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