I thought life is easy, now I know it's not.

April 1, 2018
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I thought that adults had an easy life.

Now I know that it's easier being a kid,

with a low stress life,

without paying the bills and working.


I thought movies are better than the books,

because it seems so much easier to watch than read.

But now I know that books have so much more details,

and movies leave out so much.


I thought having fish would be easy.

Now I know that you have to clean the tank,

change the filter, deal with dead fish, and pay a lot.

That is just to keep it looking nice.


I thought the popular kids

were the nice ones.

Now I know that most popular kids

are jerks and just want attention.


I thought life is easy.

But now I know it's not,

with ups and downs,

and twists and turns.

Just don't make a small hill become a mountain.

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