I hum

April 1, 2018
By Lowercaselife BRONZE, Leawood, Kansas
Lowercaselife BRONZE, Leawood, Kansas
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I sing the the birds atop the
Grand birch bark trees
Wondering what it would be like
To shed all my leaves
Would I know they’d come back
Would I care
Would I scream
Would I cry
How many days must I wait to
To regain
All my pride
Then I leap to the moon
And I breathe in the air
Exhaling the stardust
That kindly pollutes my pair
Of lungs
As I exhale a triad of stars
I think to myself
And ponder how long
It’s okay to be used
And if it's for the better not the worse
it creates
Beautiful fumes
Along for my travels
I grab a quick souvenir
A chunk of cheese from a crater
And a juicy
Moon pear
Once again, I ascend in the sky
And abruptly land atop mars
And catch a wisp of red chalk
In my left eye
there are creatures
Some grown-ups and kids
That are sad because of the way
That people think of them
They’re crazy
And stupid
And sometimes called alien
But I don’t see any of this
Because the friable dust of the planet
Has blinded my senses
I am hungry
And wheezy
And ready to sit
But decide that Mars isn’t the best location
To eat
A little bit
So I build a skyrocket
From the organic sand grains
And fly to white dwarf
And crash into the terrain
I open my knapsack
And cut in the cheese
I munch on its center
And think twice then
Three times
Then recollect
Oh crap
I’m lactose intolerant
So I sink my teeth into a moon pear
And find a small worm
That transforms into a man
Carrying a scroll and a horn
I am god he says to me foolishly
I’ve never believed I say and reply
So he turns back into nothingness
And blurs into the sky
My stomach is achy
While heart lies content
So I decide to prance
Until I learn that this star is recently deceased
So I draw up a rose
A tulip
And daffodil
From my mind cloud above
And leave the trio of flowers
Once fresh and alive
As a sacrifice to the star
That has recently died
Only once in a lifetime
Perhaps if given the chance
You can sit on a star cloud
And watch the lights dance
As I skip from star to star
Like illuminated stepping stones
I meet some wise men
And women
Some others may know
Two twins they call Gemini
And a maiden named Virgo
They speak in soft voices
Some broken
Some fluid
And dare me to sing to the sun
So I leap
And land
Then I take her hand
And we dance as she falls
Down the horizon
Finally when the nocturnal moon decides to snooze
I reunite with her
In an enlightening manor
As she penetrates my skin
And makes me peel
I smile at her spots
And rejoice
I don’t feel anything anymore
Like they told me I would
But sometimes dreamers keep dreaming
As the universe

The author's comments:

The behaviors of restriction are really what inspired this piece. Often times, I feel like fiction is frowned upon. It’s called childish, useless, and unsophisticated. But maybe, everything starts with a dream; something once called fictional, impossible, and intangible. With saying that, I encourage all of you, my dear readers, to day dream a bit.

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