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What You Don't See

April 1, 2018
By Anonymous

The days go by very blurry
The nights go by very slowly
It’s not living under the bed
It’s living inside my head

I say I slept fine
But there’s something there
I can feel it in my spine
I close my eyes 
Then become trapped and paralyzed

The sun goes down and I’m a different person
Everyone knows who I was but not who I am
I live with this thing that no one sees
If they knew they’d be disappointed

Think I’m crazy and send me away
Because it’s easier to pay them then to talk to me
I tell myself I’m normal, hoping one day it comes true
Then I won’t have to sit here and listen to you

They come to me to talk so I take every word to heart
They cry, they bleed, they say “there’s no need”
I say I’ll help so please just listen
But their smile disappears
They no longer glisten

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