A stereotype’s reality

April 1, 2018
By laurennharriss SILVER, Hemet, California
laurennharriss SILVER, Hemet, California
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Favorite Quote:
"you never believed in heaven before her, and now all you understand is how to pray, and all you do is thank God over and over for her presence."

Blonde pigtails and a pink skirt
Must have grown up privledged
Probably had money
And doesn’t know the what it’s like to hurt
Avoided the dirt
Look at her, she’s white
Can’t say she’s troubled
She doesn’t have to right
At age 4 she wakes up to see her mom getting choked
Wishing the guy doing it croaked
Her childhood soaked
But of course that’s nothing
She’s simply bluffing
She looks spoiled so she must be
Can’t you see?
Her dads not a part of the picture anymore
And her mom drinks every night behind a closed door
When the money ran dry
She lost her house
Too broken to cry
She lived with a guy who just wanted her out
Told her she’d only be submissive wife
So she slept all day
She didn’t want this life
But she’s obviously lying
Someone like her can’t be dying
Her brother roams the streets
His brain still frying
No denying it’s his craving for drugs
He finds himself behind bars
trying to be like the thugs
At her mom’s heart it tugs
Leaving her reaching for the bottle
Her words in slurs
The girls life is a model
Everyone wishing they had hers

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