Mind : A boon or a bane?

March 31, 2018
By Shivani Nair SILVER, Thrissur, Other
Shivani Nair SILVER, Thrissur, Other
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It's strange how vivid human mind can be.
For a moment you seem to be someone's everything,
Another moment, you're turned to an absolute nothing.
For a moment it seems he is your human version of paradise,
For another you feel,
You've been wasting all of your life.
For a moment you feel the person talking to you will hold your hands until eternity strikes,
Then you realise he was just awaiting for his friend's arrive ,
For a day you feel the person you love will stand throughout your life time,
In another span of days or so,
You see how they seem to linger amongst the dust in the graveyard's line.
For a mere moment of imagining their departure,
Tears roll out of your eyes,
You seem to go insane,
With nothing left except for vain and broken non-healing pain.
You seem you can't live in their absence,
It's like your impulse running without causing an action.
You cannot absorb a life without their presence,
A slideshow of your sweetheart's memories start dwelling in your heart's mansion.
You struggle to live with every passing hour,
It seems the end to you is caused by the breaking soul's missing part.
And yet, you gulp down the pain,
You let out your smile,
And let your heart beat again,
Though the song's now unmentioned, the notes of it's music are now always left unattended ,
The beauty of it's existence is no longer discovered,
You live with so much of pain,
Which seems to give you a mental disarray.
But thank for God's sake,
We've been blessed with a mind which is both a boon and a bane,
With each passing year,
The wounds of your beloved's departure fade away,
The memories have still survived,
But now they are now treasured, and occasionally revived.
Your brain confuses your heart with so many of other songs,
That it forgets the missing note of it's own.
Is this mind a boon?
For it lets you to live without feeling the pain everyday,
For it makes your heart get used to listening to an uncompleted tale?
Or is it a bane?
For it neutralises ,
The bitterness and sweetness of your deary's absence?
Again I ask,
Is it a boon or a bane?
A boon,
For letting your heart beat again after missing it's self aim?
A bane,
For gradually,
Fading away the memories of your beloved once felt which can never be regained?

The author's comments:

What is your mind to you? A Boon or a Bane ?

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