Thank You Best Friend

March 30, 2018
By 22mstaup PLATINUM, Bryan, Ohio
22mstaup PLATINUM, Bryan, Ohio
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"Kind words are short and easy to speak, but their echoes are truly endless." -Mother Teresa

Thank you best friend
For being part of my life
We’ve always been together
Through the good and the bad
I don’t know if you’ve heard
But because we’re best friends
It’s fine if you act like a turd
So we’ll share smiles and tears
Giggles and laughs
And cute photographs
I’ll be there for you
Until the day of my death
So we’ll be best friends forever
Until my very last breath
I appreciate your smile
Your quickness
And your laugh
So please stay this way
And enjoy life with me
Right up until
The very end
Even if
We don’t see each other again
So to my best friend
Please don’t leave me
Ever again
We may have fights
And hate
But we can’t let that
Affect how we are
Just stay this way
No matter what
Promise me
You’ll be my friend
Through the good and the bad
Through the laughs and the tears
Through struggles that are for real
Promise me
That we’ll always be there for each other
No matter what.

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