Night and Day

March 30, 2018
By M.Silva SILVER, Brockton, Massachusetts
M.Silva SILVER, Brockton, Massachusetts
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There’s one green sweater that I love
My favorite of the millions I’ve ever owned
There’s one street I always walk down
Always better when I walk down it alone
There’s one sun I always look up at
Sometimes I’m there long enough to watch the sun
Turn into the moon
That’s where my green sweater is useful
But it won’t protect me from the ghosts that come out in the dark
and the creatures from the Lagoon
There’s one mirror I always stare into
It always makes me so confident
“I’ll walk down that street in the dark today”
March in my tracks, not stop in them
I won’t think about the ghosts and creatures
Maybe I’ll just take another route
Cause’ who knows what could happen
I don’t ever wanna have to say
“Hands up, don’t shoot”
I won’t even wear that green sweater
Compared to the sun, it is no better

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