March 30, 2018
By M.Silva SILVER, Brockton, Massachusetts
M.Silva SILVER, Brockton, Massachusetts
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Hear that?
That’s the sound of lightning
The tapping you hear on the window
That’s rain
Heavy rain.
While everyone stays in today
Engulfed in blankets and the arms of their loved ones
I’ll be out
Letting the heavy rain hit my head
Letting the lightning drum in my ears.

See that?
That’s what fire looks like
The grey stuff clouding your vision
That’s smoke
Thick smoke.
While everyone panics today
Calls the fire department and secretly thanks God it wasn’t their home crumbling down
I’ll be in front of the flames
Letting the heat burn the tips of my fingers
Letting the smoke invade my lungs.

Smell that?
That’s the smell of nature.
The brown substance you just stepped in
(Ha ha) That’s mud
Merely mushy mud.
While everyone ignores it today
Steps over puddles and cuts down trees
I’ll be absorbing it
Letting the bugs crawl on my legs
Letting the sun blind me.

Feel that?
That’s the feeling of love
I don’t know what to say about love

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