Dear homophobic people

March 30, 2018
By , Los Angeles, CA

Dear homophobic people,
What did we ever do to have this hatred towards us,
We can’t be ourselves in this world,
Having to stay in the closet because of people like you,

Being afraid to show a bit of affection,
Having to look around to see if anyone saw us kiss our significant other,
Having to wake up and pretend to be someone we’re not,
Being hated for being ourselves

I’ve been afraid,
But things have changed,
You only live once,
And I want to live it by being myself,

You will still hate us,
You will still be disgusted because of the idea of us “gays”
That won’t stop me anymore
I’m going to proudly be myself

I won’t pretend anymore,
I’m going to wake up and be myself,
Someday in the future I’ll marry A WOMAN,
I’ll kiss and hold hands with A WOMAN

I don’t care anymore of what you think of me,
You will no longer defeat me,
I won’t go back to the closet,
It’s twenty-gayteen after all

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