March 30, 2018

Teeth grind, eyebrows furrow.
Lips frown, nose wrinkles.
Arms up, hands form fists.

Fighting ring forms,
fatal blow is made.
Victims taken to the emergency room.

Bad call is made,
fans scream and curse,
card is shown.

Game turns rough,
players collapse in pain.
Victims taken to the emergency room.

Arguments escalate,
screaming and violence erupts,
threats made.

Police become involved,
main-attacker arrested,
victim taken to the emergency room.

Hatred boils, revenge is sought out,
victims pleads to live
murder is committed.

Murderer is arrested,
then put in jail,
until they are tried.

Injuries caused,
medical expenses billed,
suits filed.

Court date arranged,
judge makes ruling, losing party abruptly
stands up, and marches out of the courtroom.

Hatred fused, rebellions caused.
Families split, husbands against wives,
mothers against daughters, fathers against sons.

Race against race,
nation against nation,
friends against friends.

All caused by one emotion,
let get out of control.

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