March 30, 2018
By GevaTap BRONZE, Lithia Springs, Georgia
GevaTap BRONZE, Lithia Springs, Georgia
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Reflecting its rays so blindly, she conforms

Transforming into something comparable in all aspects

She transforms

If you were to analyze this being and the sun

They would be one in the same

But only occurring when the sun goes down

Does she realize, she only thrives in the nighttime

See, the sun dries away her tears

While in the same breath refilling her ocean

It revolves around her happiness

It fuels off her laughter

Invisible in its nature

It sees her flaws

The sun realized her shortcomings

Yet never failing to project its light upon her

A walking piece of art

A breathing mona lisa

Her mind, infallible

Her soul, untouchable

She fails to acknowledge the effecting ways of the sun’s love

Her heart is capable and vulnerable to its radiation

Yet  she remains afraid of what might become of her

Anxiety raises at the thought of something so good

She’s so used to sunsets

Dark skies and moonlight

The sunlight scares her

Forces her into defense

Yet , without the brightness it casts upon her, she is just a seed

A being with little meaning

A life without purpose

And that...is what scares her the most

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