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America is Singing

April 6, 2018
By VickyCarmenate SILVER, Natick, Massachusetts
VickyCarmenate SILVER, Natick, Massachusetts
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America is singing
But it is not a joyous song
It is dark and scary
It is a cry for help in an empty room

America is grieving
Towards empty promises
And empty seats in classrooms
Towards funerals instead of graduations
And futures that are cut short
Towards fear of loudspeakers
And who walks within the halls

Land of the free
Home of the brave
But bravery does not lie in the trigger of an AR-15
In the hands of a murder
Who's prey is students and teachers.

Freedom does not have a home in huddled closets and locked classroom doors.
Hiding instead of learning
Praying instead of teaching

America is singing
And we are singing for change

The author's comments:

I wrote this piece for the national school walkout for school safety and gun control. Enough is Enough. 

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