Life as it Seems

March 30, 2018
By AllisonRessler BRONZE, Fort Collins, Colorado
AllisonRessler BRONZE, Fort Collins, Colorado
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Life comes and goes,
you make it anything you want it to be
from each decision and each step of the way
you write your own story

life doesn’t come easy you have to
persevere through challenge,
everything happens for a reason
so even if you make a mistake

something good will come out of it.
You have many different opportunities
every single day, you do you but
life isn’t just about you.

you say weather it is or isn’t.
Be in the moment even if its boring
don’t take everything for granted
it might not always be there in the future

be positive in every you do
work hard at everything you do
be grateful for everything you have
those things will bring you far in life
but remember life is a blessing

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