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March 29, 2018

that is how we feel.
politicians in thick fat ties, juicy snakes around their necks
people in black suits disguised as our family
they tell us we cannot voice our opinions
tell us we cannot be heard.
our opinions do not matter
what do we know
we are barely adults     just silly children.

but we would like to know
how can we just keep our heads down and focus on school
how can we keep quiet
and not worry about the outside world
how can we keep our whirlwinds, our red blasting thunder and blazing electric fires in
when the pillars of world we live in are breaking under pressure
splattered and weakened by the red crimson rawness

of the one hundred species of plants that die everyday because of us
the seventy-eight million acres of rainforest lost each year
the million floras and faunas that may not live to see the next day
of hands sinking knives into the hearts of others soaked red to the point of suffocation
of pieces of metal designed to kill that have more rights than us
of the children in Syria whose pain of death and war and violence punches at their trembling arteries clogged  hardened by those who have already stopped breathing
the bombs exploding barely breathing bodies into barely more than specks of dust scattered in this vast star-studded endless universe-
the stomachs that have gnawed themselves into more than nothingness
those who have nothing more than the dirt floor they sleep on and clothes on their backs
the harsh reality when we realize we our not even safe in our own states
we are living just to die again
this world is waiting for us to mend it
meaning we will listen

not to be stopped by your iron tongues and scorching flamethrowers
we will not bow down at your expectant swollen feet
hear our blazing fire crackle and burn
feel our anger and frustration at the tips of your fingers
something needs to be done.
this is our future.

sure, we aren’t adults
we can’t vote
we can’t drive
we can’t even live by ourselves yet
do this or that
but we will not be oppressed
we will speak up.

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OneSeven-billionth said...
yesterday at 7:32 pm
That's very powerful... passionate. I like how you wrote about how we live to die; it says a lot.
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