A Charging Mammoth

March 27, 2018
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Cold snow sprinkles, scattered across the earth
with age of ice and blistering coldness.
A herd, traveled across the mountains.
Footsteps rattle the earth beneath their feet.
The Mammoth, approaches extinction.

Wind and snow blind the sight of the Mammoth.
The freezing white wall divides the herd apart.
A six ton train wanders off its track.
The Mammoth, approaches extinction.

The sound of air pierced by an arrowhead.
Its blade punctures the mammoths tender flesh .
The screech of a thousand elephant cries.
The Mammoth, approaches extinction.

Wandering wounded, hopeless and frightened
a familiar screech from the mountains.
The herd of family, finding their lost one.
A herd traveling across the mountains...
the Mammoths, charges through extinction.

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