The Dragon Cave

March 26, 2018
By Gladdemm BRONZE, Ionia, Michigan
Gladdemm BRONZE, Ionia, Michigan
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Where is Clair? Where did she go? What should I do now? These are the only questions going through my mind. I have to do something. I need to find her, NOW!!!

5 Hours Before

Dom,”Hey Clair!!!”
Clair, “Yes dom?”
Dom, “Do you want to go to the forest after soccer?”
Clair, “Ya that will be fun, what are we going to do?”
Dom, “Well i was thinking that we could go see the magical cave of dragons?”
Clair, “Oh ya I guess that would be fun, but aren’t we supposed to stay away from that?”
Dom, “Ya, but no one will find out.”
Clair, “No i’m good.”
Dom, “Come on. It will be fun.”
Clair, “Ok but i’m only going because i want to.”
Dom, “Okay, meet me by Hickory Pond. Make sure you don’t tell anyone, ok?”
Clair, “Ya i don’t feel like getting in trouble anyway.”


4 Hours later

Clair, “Ok good your here. Where exactly is the magical cave?”
Dom, “Well we have to go down the trail of madness, go past the fish rock, up the hill of rocks and then there it is.”
Clair, “Ok so why are we doing this?”
Dom, “You ask to many questions, But anyway we are going to see if we can see a baby dragon. They say id you see one, it will be only one touch of the nose and it will be your companion.”

Clair, “Oh, and how are we going to do that without bumping into the the mother?”
Dom ,”Well simple we just need a trap ,thats why I brought the rope and we can use sticks and other things, that we can find on the way.”

   Now the journey begins…
As we were going down the trail, I started to hear some noises, kind of like little voices. As we went on a little farther, we figured out that it was just the pixets. They had nice long hair, blue and green eyes and their wings glowed, and sparkled, It was so amazing. We finally had to keep going. As we got to the hill of rocks, we finally could see the cave. I could already see the smoke. As we got up to the cave, there was three different parts.

Clair, “What one should we go in?”
Dom, “I don’t know. I mean we could go through the middle one, they always give promise.”
Clair, “I guess that sounds good, I mean what could go wrong?”

As we go in the middle section, we turn and what do we see? We see a  maybe 1 year old dragon. She was so cute. She had Dark red scales, with bright blue eyes, She also had these little spikes down her tail.

Dom, “What should we name her?”
Clair, “Well we could name her Spickle.”
Dom, “Sounds good, I guess.”


We went up to pet her, but when i was about an inch from touching her nose her mother come from behind us. We were so scared. We had nothing to do. The dragon started to breath fire at us. I ran one way and Clair ran the other. The dragon ran after Clair so i made a distraction so it wouldn’t get her. Ran as fast as i could. But i got to the end and there was no way out. I started to think what to do. I started to swing at her, to see if she would run off, that she didn’t. Then I started to think of something else. There was a stick, so i picked it up and stared swinging that at her. She still didn’t go. Finally i found a pile of rocks in a little corner, started throwing them at her. Finally she left.

Where is Clair? Where did she go? What should I do now? These are the only questions going through my mind. I have to do something. I need to find her, NOW!!!

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