wrapping like guaze

March 26, 2018
By Anonymous

Rolling the truth, as gauze onto the core of man
Lapping the lies, shaped like open cuts and endless bruises
The reality of sorrow framing our outsides
Purple black and blue

God wraps us him with pure lightly twinned truth
Going over every curve, shaping the weak man's hip bones
Covering what was said to him, what is now done and gone
Although the lies are under the surface of truth
They will be healed by the protection of purity

Not only will the wounds be wrapped
Slowly they will start to heal
Maybe he won't see it at first, but slowly he will smile again
And maybe place is heart back into the hands of someone worthy
Maybe even forgive the world for all these scars

The author's comments:

this peice was created in my Creative Writting class, at Natick High School. The idea of this poem is about how we would look if our emotional wounds looked like physical wounds. how would we heal them? how would we clean them up? 

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