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March 26, 2018
By M.Silva SILVER, Brockton, Massachusetts
M.Silva SILVER, Brockton, Massachusetts
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Man they shoulda warned us

About all the blood and tears

Heartbreak and sacrifice

Jealousy and expectations

Man they shoulda warned us

Maybe they did

But if they did

We musta been too young

Too young to remember

Nevermind understand

What they said about

The self-doubt and hatred upon others

Weird feelings and mood swings

The urge to be like everyone else

And the desire to be the one everyone follows.

We musta been too young.

What if they did warn us

What if they put a sticky note on the door to puberty

Warning us about the mirror and the media

The scale and the fitting room

Our own family and our own minds

What if they did warn us

We musta chosen to ignore it

Twist the doorknob anyway

Because of the adults around us that seem so content

And the movies that just seem to be all about sex

The way we all wanted to be autonomous and the way

We believed we could fend for ourselves

How we thought it would be marvelous

And how “wrong” was one thing we couldn’t be

Man, if only they’d warned us.

The author's comments:

I want people to be able to relate to my experience and find community in that shared feeling. 

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