Girl In The Mirror.

March 25, 2018
By hakuna.matata BRONZE, Mequon, Wisconsin
hakuna.matata BRONZE, Mequon, Wisconsin
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"I still remember you as a little girl who over waters plants because she doesn't know when to stop giving."

Who is that? The girl. The one in the morror. The one who is crying so hard, but they don't even know why. The one who seems to have it all. The good grades, the rich family. But having it all means she doesn't have any problems. But she does. With two halves of a family constantly fighting, and expectations she knows not to dream of reaching.Experiencing dissappointment after dissappointment. At one home, she ahs her mom telling her she's not normal and that she's just a cheap excuse for a human being, just like her dad. Always taking the blame for parents fights. Her mom never cared for her grades much. Once in a while she would yell abit so it seemed like she cared.  Never allowed her to leave the house except for school, wouldn't give her enough time to do homework. Always thought she would stay the same dumb, gullible child she always had been. But she didn't. She grew a voice of her own, only to haveit droned out by her mothers psychotic screams about how disrespectful and horrible or a daughter she had. At least her mom didn't fight physically anymore. That ended on a cold winter evening when this little girl, only in 5th grade, came home from school and asked her mom a question about a new word she learned at school. Abuse. From then on arguements were always verbal. But somehow that hurt even more. Then there's her dad's house. There's the step-mother; not wicked, just quiet. And her little brother, well, he was her heart. Big and careless. Childish and wild. And above all, free. Then her dad. He had expectations. Expectations beyond one's that could be placed on the shoulders of a girl who could barely stand her ground alone,not to mention with mounds of expectations weighing her down. Good grades. Be pretty. Have a personality. Don't talk so much.Stop being so quiet. Find better friends. Always the same soudrack of demands playing on repeat in her head. Now look at this girl in the mirror one more time, See those eyes? Like broken glass, she was shattered. But, when held up to the light, so beautiful. Just don't get too close. Those who can't put her back together end up getting cut by her sharp edges. Now do you still see the girl that has it all? No. You see a survivor. This girl is strong, so so strong. How do I know so much about this girl? Because this girl is me. And I know, that I will make it out alive.

The author's comments:

This is my story.

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