The Essence of Me

March 25, 2018
By SlimCrohnus BRONZE, Valley View, Pennsylvania
SlimCrohnus BRONZE, Valley View, Pennsylvania
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A question pervades my inner being
Perhaps the most important of all matters
At least those personal
Its weight changes often before me

Perhaps the most trivial?
Only because it is most subject to change
Or least, further detracting from its worth
And all too cloudy to grasp or write

Yet it gnaws at my inner workings
What worth can I give myself
Especially when I struggle to judge others
Through lenses fair or clear

An overcomplicated stuff of man
Contemplating emptiness, and what am I without
Or a beautiful amalgamation, separate
Pioneering a lifetime of faith

A magnet for mystic materials
Filled to the brim with sin and sorrow
I question, who am I amongst mortals?
I lie somewhere between a Jesus and a Judas

Perhaps this is an unfair comparison

Yet maybe I’m a saint and all will be well
Or maybe a sinner and I’ll go to Hell
With this thought I traverse time
Acting as if it has not soaked into my spiritual whole

I see a wanderer in a familiar land
And I know that he is I
Lost in only the known
Confused by his own machinations

Medicated by the productions of progress
Unchanging in mindset and marvel
A bearer of good tidings, yet a simple mind
Eyes aglow, easing into a new realm

You see clearly through the essence of me
And you could never be so close
Yet your gaze does not lie upon my face
And mine will never know yours

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