March 25, 2018

Stop. Stop this worldwide cruelty. Stop. Stop making kids, and then abandoning them. Stop. Stop bullying already depressed kids. Stop. Stop telling people to kill themselves, just because you want to. Stop. Stop saying “you can’t hate them, they're your family”, because family doesn’t hurt each other like that. Stop. Stop yelling at your kids and calling it love. Stop. Stop looking into the mirror and criticizing everything you see. Stop. Stop looking down at that scale and thinking “no more for just one more week”. Stop. Just stop. A little girl is asking why daddy hit mommy, why they’re both crying. A little boy wants to overcome genetics, but his drunk father just won’t let that happen. That same little girl killed herself ten days before her thirteenth birthday. That little boy, with a broken arm from his still drunk father, can’t see how life could get any worse. But he refuses to leave because “it’s family”. This is not what life should look like. Life is supposed to be a journey, everyone around you should be there with you because your “on the same boat”. Lastly, not only should you strive for success in this life, the experience should be just as breathtakingly beautiful. Now start. Start from where you are right now. Start from depressed, and start from abused. Start from afraid, and start from heartbroken. No matter what, please just start. And when you start, never stop. Your alive and you can do this. I believe in you and I love you. So go ahead darling, start.

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