March 21, 2018
By amandadoty13 BRONZE, Palm Desert, California
amandadoty13 BRONZE, Palm Desert, California
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The days are long the nights are short
I know colorguards a sport
When I see the flags in the air
they spin and make me stare
my equipment causes me stress
I fear it will get caught in my dress
We spin our rifles, toss a quad
the judges see that we are unflawed
Once I slayed my five on blade
I know I will need first aid
As we spin our flag
we know mr Pena will brag
After she throws the rose pedals
we know we’re going to get medals
Our parents in the stands scream so loud
we know that they are very proud
We love the coaches they’re so neat
we know this year we’re getting four peat
As a family together we toss and spin
at the end of the line we’ll bring home the win
We performed, we did well the day is done
now we flaunt that we are number one

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