The Good Old Days

March 20, 2018
By Taylorrweirich GOLD, Temperance, Michigan
Taylorrweirich GOLD, Temperance, Michigan
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It is 2001

Being born is all I have done
Mickey Mouse is my favorite thing
Even though I can’t say a word I still sing

Barney tells me he loves me
Laughing and crying are a constant theme
Beginning to walk was what I began to do
Soon I would be able to talk and everybody would wish I did not know how to

It is 2003
I know have a sister and I am filled with glee
She cry and wines just like I used to do
My mom always asks me if I want to change her diaper after she went poo

I can’t seem to let her out of my sight
I constantly check on her all night
When I hear her cry I can’t help but whimper
I was there too when mommy would leave I would miss her

It is 2006
High School Musical is no it

Troy and Gabriella I adore
My parents can’t stand to hear me sing anymore
My sister is getting older
I wish she would just stay shorter

Get my room and it is themed High School Musical
It was between that and the Wiggles

It is 2007
I got a brother sent down from heaven

He is the only boy of us three
I guess they say the more troubled was he
I can’t wait to play with my baby bro
But all he wants to do is find things to throw

My sister and I now have to share a room
We both aren’t to happy since we both also have to use a broom

She likes Hannah Montana and that doesn’t fly
Because my room is themed for the one and only basketball guy
Having friends over is really hard to do
Because we just can’t have one we have to have two

At this point I can’t wait to grow up,
But little did I know I just wanted to stay as young as a pup
School is coming into play
I feel bad because my sister had to stay

We begin to fight
Because all I did was come home and say goodnight
Mom is home taking care of us three
My dad now beings teaching sports to me

Practice is the highlight of my day
I honestly can’t wait anyway
Olympics become my dream
But little did I know that reality is pretty mean

It is 2010
Jr. High is wright around the bend.

High School Musical is beginning to disappear
Mean girls at recess are my biggest fear
I can’t wait for middle school
But little did I know that it wasn’t all that cool

Recess would be gone
Pretty soon my freedom would also be gone but very long
Dress code is all I have on my plate
No more Justice outfits and no more mom braids
My mom begins to cry
Especially now that she has to be up at 6:05

It is 2013
Everybody things the world is ending

School is becoming a dread
NJHS is what I have picked up instead
High School is gonna be a factor
Can’t wait to get out of jail forever and after
Volleyball Basketball and Softball are all I do
I honestly have no time for anybody or any dude

Boys are the hot topic
But honestly I don’t get it
Jr High romances never last
I just want one like Troy and Gabriella that doesn’t happen fast

I am taller than everybody and feel kinda weird
Thought something was wrong with the way I appeared
Knee length shorts were the thing I wore
Don’t even ask I know they were grosser than gore

Little did I know I was going through puberty
And soon would meet my worst enemy of acne
Beginning to fo my hair and makeup everyday
Why did anybody let me go outside in public like that each and everyday

Becoming more involved in Jr High and my community is what I did
Little did I know that it became my thing instead

It is 2015
Being a freshman is a crazy thing

Made the JV Volleyball team
Can’t wait to show everybody who doubted me
First tourney took the win
Also seen the girl who ankle I broke way back when

Seizure is what came next
Little did I know this would have a huge effect
Brain tumor was the new I received
Luckily it was operable and not deadly

Love my parents more than they will ever know
But this time was harder for them than ever before
Friends were what got me through
But honestly my school and community did so much too

Recovery was harder than ever
Felt like I was on house arrest that would end never
Soon I am back better than ever before
Made JV basketball as freshman once more

It is 2016
Summer is all I want honestly

Soon it is time for second surgery
This is the second time I have had the most worry
12 long hours is all it took
Still can’t believe my parents went through that without looking at a book

Back and in the ICU
Eating food is all I wanted to do
Home sweet home happens 2 days after
Never thought I would be home so soon and feeling better

Mott hospital took good care of me
Thank doesn’t even pay the back truthfully
Summer is here and tryouts are all I can think about
Well let's you’re looking at #16 on the varsity volleyball team without a doubt

It is 2017
Ava is the sweetest little girl I have ever seen

Sweet 16 is sweeter than ever
Got my license and car, don’t know what’s better
Soon Ava’s tumor doubles in size
I decided to make bracelets to put her batte in others minds

Close to $1000 is what I raised
BCSN gave us a story that aired in a few days
Soon her tumor actually shrunk
I am glad to say she is happier than some

Soon I hear of another sad time
Madeleine is the next added to a book of mine
It is 2018
This year has already started pretty crazy

Got a crush for longer than ever
Pretty sure he thinks that I am a little weird but it’s whatever
Basketball is how I support him
Always saying hey good game when I DM him

Madeleine’s fundraiser is going really well
Already sold out of the shirts with two days left to sell
So there is my life so far
I honestly feel like I just got a new car

So early 2000’s are pretty great
Wish I would have been willing to let the future wait
But now is the next chapter of my life’s time to begin
Can’t wait to see what is in store for all that has to come until the end

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