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To The Person Who May One Day Marry My Sister

March 20, 2018
By Taylorrweirich GOLD, Temperance, Michigan
Taylorrweirich GOLD, Temperance, Michigan
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To the person who will someday marry my sister,
Do not take this as an I like you message,
But take it as an I warned you message.

Many people have told you that you’re a lucky guy
I second that condiserint you get to marry my sister
Who is worth way more than anything you could possibly buy

She is my world, my heart, and my sister
I do not let her marry just any mister
So I am giving you a chance just to appreciate her

Appreciate her by always surprising her,
Don’t just wake up and not say good morning to her
Be the person who my family will adore
Not the one that I wish was returnable to a store

Be the person who first asks my dad for her hand
If you don’t I will make it so you can’t stand
I know all of her secrets and I know all of yours
So before speak better think twice about what I have and more

I will love you like a brother hopefully,
But you better not take away anytime of her time with me
She will cry to you like she does to me
But if she cries about you, then that will be the last time you see

I know her way better than you will ever know,
Because I remember the day she was born more clear than how white is snow
The memory of the airplane i had to play in for hours
Will she was getting her first breath of air and becoming ours

When my mom told I was going to be a big sister
I knew that it was my duty to protect her
The day that I heard her first word
Is the day I knew she was gonna go big places that I have never even heard

Her first step was bigger than big can get
Because it was the day I knew she would become incredibly independent
Her first laugh brought us all joy
It still makes me smile like a kid who got a new toy

Her first cry was only to come
It made me tear up too, because all she wanted was a clean bum
Her first smile is something that I will never forget
Because it still brings me joy as if I was a vet

Luckily, with her first bite she couldn’t spit
Because then I would be cleaning up tons of it
Dare to take away any of these things you see
You will get the worst side of me

Disrespect her is a big mistake
For my dad is the one who you have at stake
You may have problems that she is too nice to say
But luckily for you I will be there every single day

She can be fragile at times and if you were to find out
Well then you are way worse than we thought
Just know that she is my world
Her hair I have always curled

She brings me joy each day
As she rides in my car the whole way
She make me smile
Like somebody who could see a mile

So To The Boy Who Oneday May Marry My Sister
Please take good care of her for this is coming from not only her best friend but her sister

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